Newhallville Citycology Program Update

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Solar Youth’s Newhallville Citycology program at King/Robinson Magnet School spent the spring season becoming experts on plants and gardening! Stewards focused on the concept of seeds, gardens, and growth, as well as community spaces. They participated in several lessons surrounding concepts that include but aren’t limited to Taste the Rainbow, Seed Necklaces, Life of a Seed, Worm Paintings, and Affirmation Planting. In addition to these lessons, Newhallville Stewards engaged in several outdoor community projects. As a result of several neighborhood partnerships, these boys and girls had a unique opportunity to visit, enjoy, and complete individual C-SAPs in three different community spaces. Throughout program we explored and did volunteer work for the Cherry Ann Street Urban Oasis, Ivy Street Community Garden, and the Solar Youth Garden created by Nan Bartow and Bill Bidwell. Stewards wrapped up the season with a Public Education Forum (PEF) where participants in attendance sang a song, presented on the projects they completed, and shared their favorite memories from the season as well as some new things they learned. Way to go Newhallville Citycology. Thank you SO much for all the hard work and community service you provided to the Newhallville Community; the Solar Youth staff are very proud of you and your accomplishments!

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West Hills Steward Team Program Update

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West Hills Steward Team had a memorable spring program, and learned quite a lot of things they never knew before! Stewards started the season learning the types of energy resources used to fuel modern society, as well as the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources. Stewards participated in tag games, team challenges, memorization games, relay races, and jeopardy as a fun way to learn these concepts. Stewards made art using recycled materials, learned about the layers of the ocean from their intern Chelsy, and met hissing cockroaches for the first time. Stewards also did hikes to West Rock Ridge State Park and had some of their most memorable moments exploring the woods. In addition, many West Hills Stewards participated in adventure trips on weekends or during holiday breaks, and also recall many of their favorite moments from these field trips! During the C-SAP phase, stewards focused on drug prevention and education. Four clients from Teen Challenge Connecticut drug rehabilitation program visited the stewards to do a presentation and share personal stories about overcoming drug addiction. Stewards conducted a fundraiser and collected $15 that will be donated to helping people get off the streets and immediately into rehabilitation programs. The Stewards ended their season with amazing presentations and performances to teach their families what they learned over the spring season. And, all West Hills Stewards attended the final celebration! Congratulations West Hills Steward Team on another incredibly successful season and a special thank you to our West Hills Steward Team Educator Nicole Peruso. This was Nicole’s final season with Solar Youth and we thank you for all your hard work and dedication to serving the West Hills community- you will be missed for sure!

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West Hills Citycology Program Update

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West Hills Citycology had a great program season. Stewards focused on what grows in a garden as well as how to keep their bodies healthy. They created many art projects, met some friendly worms, and played many active games. West Hills Citycology interns led fabulous lessons on bird habitats, exercise ball, and healthy living games. Stewards also had the pleasure of working with two volunteer police academy students Matt and Larnell on Thursdays. Overall we had a great program season, we learned a lot, made friends, and enjoyed nature!

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