Community Impact

Solar Youth helps lay the groundwork for our next generation of environmental stewards. We nurture this sense of environmental responsibility by teaching kids core ecological concepts and key problem solving skills, and providing opportunities for youth to act as agents of change and leaders in their communities.

In all Solar Youth programs, youth complete Community Service Action Projects (C-SAPs) and Public Education Projects (PEPs).  Solar Youth Stewards complete dozens of C-SAPs and PEPs each year, helping to contribute to a greener and civically more vibrant New Haven.

During 2011-2012, our youth:

  • Participated in 166 out-of-neighborhood explorations, including:
    • Field trips to the Beardsley Zoo, Yale Peabody Museum, Massaro Community Farm and Hammonasset Beach, among many others!
    • Overnight camping trips to Devils Hopyard State Park and the Yale Forest!
    • Kayaking at Lighthouse Point!
  • Performed 53 Community Service Action Projects (C-SAPs), including:
    •  Flower, tree and garden plantings!
    •  Neighborhood anti-violence campaigns!
    •  Bake sales benefitting local charities!
  • Performed 38 Public Education Projects (PEPs) in order to raise awareness about environmental issues, including:
    • Creating and distributing information packets with an appeal letter and list of New Haven soup kitchens and food pantries as a way to address hunger in Connecticut!
    • Planning and facilitating a neighborhood Halloween event comprised of 10 outdoor educational stations, each addressing an important local environmental or community issue!
    • Writing, directing and acting in a movie on why smoking is bad for your health and the environment!

During 2010-2011, our youth: 

  •  Performed 38 Community Service Action Projects (C-SAPs), including:
    • Flower, tree and garden plantings;
    • Clearing and building a bridge on a new trail connecting Westville Manor to West Rock Ridge State Park; and
    • Staging a fundraiser for new trash cans and recycling bins at Lighthouse Point Park.
  • Performed 28 Public Education Projects (PEPs) in order to raise awareness about environmental issues, including:
    • Designing posters to educate the public about the dangers of water pollution and what they can do to help;
    • Creating an anti-littering video; and
    • Teaching international Yale students and community volunteers about tree-planting (see here for more info).
  • Organized 4 Public Education Forums, one following each season, during which family and community members learned about what youth had accomplished via skits, songs and other performances.