Eco-31 in Westville Manor!

Today, Solar Youth Green Jobs Youth Development (GJYD) team used the atmosphere of Halloween to teach the residents of the Westville Manor about their community, the environment, and Solar Youth.  The GJYD apprentices named the event Eco-31 because they wanted to create an opportunity for everyone in the neighborhood to come together and appreciate their community and surroundings.   

The event was comprised of a series of 10 outdoor stations visited by kids, ages 2 –12.  At each station, they were able to learn about three main topic areas: Westville Manor, Solar Youth, and the environment.  After answering a question or performing a specific act related to the information given, the youth received candy! 

GJYD apprentices were in charge of each station along with the aid of several youth from the Leaders-in-Training program.  As most youth in Westville Manor were unable to go trick-or-treating due to various reasons, Eco-31 gave them the opportunity to stay close to home, learn new things, and still receive lots of candy! The event was created to be neutral in nature, to accommodate individuals that do not celebrate Halloween.  The premature snow storm, resulting in a white Halloween, made Eco-31 even more of a success, as few residents desired to leave the community in the cold weather.  It was a sight to see, and an event that transcended all ages, with adults bringing their children or relatives and all participants engaging in the information and activities presented at each station.

Thanks Green Jobs!

What a fantastic way to enjoy Halloween in Westville Manor! Thank you for all the hard work that went into preparing and putting on the event. I was impressed by how professional you all were at your respective stations, and you set a great precedent for future Apprentices.


Great job!

A big thanks to the Green Jobs youth for organizing such a fun event.  It was great to see the kids enjoy the afternoon in their own neighborhood!


Eco 31!

Thank you so much Green Jobs Crew for your awesome job during ECO 31!  What a creative way to engage the youth in learning about their community!


Thanks again for a great afternoon, Green Jobs apprentices (and Chisom)! The Citycology kids absolutely loved it.