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A longtime FOSY (Friend of Solar Youth) has challenged us to find at least 13 people to make longer-term investments in Solar Youth programming.We are calling these folks "Dragonfly FOSY".To learn...


Our Values

The following are the five underlying values that guide all of our work – programs and operations.

Interdependence: Just as in a natural ecosystem, at Solar Youth, everything is connected.  We believe every person brings value, talent and resources to the organization.  Teamwork, amongst staff, youth, volunteers and organizational partners, combines our individual strengths to achieve our mission. 

Stewardship: We are committed to the sustainable care-taking of the natural and social environments in which we work. This is practiced through our operations (resource conservation and purchasing decisions) and programs (activities that promote the health of individuals and communities).

Excellence: We strive to deliver the highest quality opportunities and supports to youth in the face of all challenges. Each person is accountable for their role in achieving success.

Kindness: All people deserve to be treated with respect and compassion, and seen for their potential to grow, succeed and contribute. Solar Youth is a place for children and adults to feel safe, be supported in their growth, and appreciated for who they are and how they contribute.

Fun: We strive to incorporate joy, trust and adventure in everything we do.