Solar Youth’s Westville Manor Steward Team at the CWYC’s Youth Arts Celebration

“Hi my name is Cherish. We’re from the Solar Youth Steward Team. Kids explore, kids do and kids teach at Solar Youth. We use songs to learn about the environment and to have fun. We are from the Westville Manor Community. Please enjoy our performance.  Thank you.”  

Undaunted by the large crowd, Cherish proudly introduced Solar Youth to the audience at the Neighborhood Music School.  The performance was part of the 2nd annual Youth Arts Celebration, a showcase of visual and performing arts by students across New Haven and beyond.  The event is organized by the Citywide Youth Coalition of New Haven, and Solar Youth was delighted to receive an invitation again this year.  Cherish and her friends began the set with a number of Afro- Caribbean drumming rhythms on a variety of drums, the crowd roaring with applause and appreciation after each set.  

Later, youth also performed two environmental education songs, beginning with one about ecosystems: “Ecosystem, ecosystem everything is connected - biotic living or dead, abiotic never alive,” they sang.  The number, one among many of Solar Youth’s popular theme songs which teach youth about the interdependence of our planet, was a huge hit.  They then sang the New Haven Watershed Song to a dance routine created by the youth.  Each word echoed with confidence: “W-e-s-t West River, we got the M-to-the-I-to-the-double-L, we got the Mill.  Quinnipiac, Quinnipiac, just about giving me a heart attack.”  When they finished singing, youth glowed as the audience gave them a final round of applause.

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We sure know some TALENTED

We sure know some TALENTED young people!



cherish actually did a awesome job i hope to see her again at other events