Solar Youth by the Numbers

Since our founding:

  • Over 6,000 young people have participated in Solar Youth programs
  • Nearly 450 are teenagers who have been hired and trained as paid Interns
  • Solar Youth “Stewards” (participants in our programs) have completed nearly 350 youth-led Community Service Action Projects (C-SAPs) and over 200 youth-led Public Education Projects (PEPs)


  • Over 500 youth, ages 4 to 19, served in neighborhood-based, school-based and citywide programs annually
  • More than 60 paid internships offered to teenagers annually
  • More than 100 out-of-neighborhood explorations to parks, museums and other sites organized annually
  • More than 30 youth-led Community Service Action Projects (C-SAPs) and 30 Public Education Projects (PEPs) completed annually
  • Stewards and their parents consistently report that Solar Youth has helped them improve their commitment to learning, helping others and taking responsibility for their actions; their decision-making and interpersonal skills; their opportunities to serve as positive assets to their communities; and their commitment to environmental stewardship. 

Youth Served Each Year

Over 500 young people


Every year, more than 60paid internships
for teenagers