Solar Youth in the PRESS


New Haven Register highlights Solar Youth’s partnership with Schooner Summer Camp to enroll more youth in summer camp

Strong relationships among community organizations show case how working together can make a big impact on families. 


..."Solar Youth works in the neighborhoods where poverty is the highest — West Hills, Westville Manor and Newhallville.

The group serves 300 children throughout the year, starting at age 4 and continuing through high school and sometimes beyond.

“Our core mission is to empower youth to lifelong success,” she said.

Partnerships are nothing new for Solar Youth, which takes advantage of them to expand its reach. One of those is help from Clifford Beers when families have problems with trauma.

This year Solar Youth did not have the resources for a summer activity for its 5- to 8-year olds, so the Schooner opportunity filled a gap..."


Note: that in addition, some of our older youth will be enrolling in Schooner camp for the weeks AFTER Solar Youth camp is over.  So their summers are even more filled with positive, fun learning.


You can check out the full article HERE

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