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Youth Impact

Solar Youth uses the Search Institute’s Developmental Asset framework, one of the most widely used approaches to youth development in the U.S., in determining which outcomes we seek for our youth. Developmental Assets are the building blocks of positive youth development, the possession of which has shown to have significant effect on youth's ability to resist negative influences and achieve success in adult life. Read more here. 

The Developmental Assets Solar Youth measures are within the categories of 'constructive use of time,' 'empowerment,' 'commitment to learning,' 'positive values,' and 'social competencies.'

In addition to Developmental Assets, Solar Youth also helps youth increase their environmental knowledge and commitment to environmental stewardship. As a result, youth receive a boost in science class and cultivate a love of the outdoors.

Solar Youth also has specific goals for our teenage interns. We work with teenagers to develop key “soft” employability skills, such as timeliness, public speaking, personal financial management, work ethic and a commitment to excellence.

We also help teens develop “hard” skills associated with their internship. For Youth Educators (interns who co-lead programs with adult staff), we teach the principles and best practices of positive youth development.  For Green jobs Interns, we teach urban forestry, energy efficiency and community organizing skills.

Below are some of our outcomes from 2013:

Of 128 STEWARDS surveyed...

97% indicated that being in Solar Youth makes them want to do well in school

95% indicated that Solar Youth helps them become more actively engaged in learning new things

91% indicated that they would recommend Solar Youth to their friends

94% indicated they would like to participate in Solar Youth again in the future

Of 113 PARENTS surveyed...

93% indicated that because of Solar Youth their child likes to help others

91% indicated that Solar Youth has helped their child become more accountable for his/her actions

100% indicated that they would recommend Solar Youth to other parents

100% indicated they would like to see their child in Solar Youth again in the future

And click HERE for our Impact Infographic!

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