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Solar Youth New Intern Application Form: Winter 2019

Educator Intern Program
Applicant Information
Have you been involved with Solar Youth in the past?

Applicant: Please answer the following questions. There are no wrong answers - just do your best! 
Call Solar Youth's office with questions at (203) 387-4189

Why are you interested in applying for this Youth Educator Internship?

Do you have any work or volunteer experience? If so, what did you learn from that experience? 

What strengths would you bring to the Solar Youth Team?

What are some challenges you may face working with the Solar Youth Team? How will you deal with them?

What are some skills you would like to develop or improve upon while working for Solar Youth?

What are some qualities a good employee should have? Why would you be a good employee?

Describe an actual experience in which you were a leader. 

Say you are working on a Solar Youth Team. A conflict arises between two of your teammates, and it is making for a very uncomfortable environment. As a leader, what steps would you take to resolve this conflict?

What is something that gets you excited (outside of Solar Youth)? Tell us about it. 

Do you have any experience working or playing outdoors? Tell us about how that experience might help you at Solar Youth. 

What concerns, if any, do you have about an internship with Solar Youth?

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?

The submission of this application does not ensure an internship with Solar Youth. Once your application is submitted it is your responsibility to  print the reference form from our website and obtain at lease one reference from a former educator (this can be a Solar Youth Educator) or community member. Once your application is submitted by clicking I Understand below, a Solar Youth staff member will reach out to you to schedule and interview. 

For Questions please contact Zachary Russel or Robert Wild at (203) 387-4189. 

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