• I learned to respect everyone, to work as a team, and a lot of things about our environment” 
  • I changed and I care about my community.  Also I will NEVER litter outside.”
  • My favorite part of Solar Youth is the teachers. They are respectful to us and they help us when we need it and they show us that they love us.”
  • Because of Solar Youth, I know more about the environment and I feel confident while helping others.”
  • I made friends, I learned about the community, and I helped lots of animals and plants
  • Because of Solar Youth, I get better grades, have more friends and people value me now”
  • Because of Solar Youth, I feel more confident in myself
  • Because of Solar Youth, I have learned how to work better with others and how to channel all of my anger


  • (My daughter) tells me she wants to go to college so she can help other kids like her
  • (My daughter) is more outgoing and respectful
  • (My son) could get along with other children more better instead of fighting
  • (My daughter) loves the program
  • (My daughter) will want to work with Solar Youth in the future to help other kids like her. P.S. Love what they do for the kids to stay out of trouble thank you
  • (My daughter) tells me we have to learn to keep the environment clean so the we can have a clean environment and live healthy
  • (My son) doesn't like to litter.  He always wants to water the plants.


  • Students never missed an opportunity to attend (Solar Youth) sessions here at the school
  • Solar Youth is an important part of our school’s environmental education curriculum


  • You know the old saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’?  Well in Westville Manor, the children are raising the village!