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Our Impact

Cycle of Stewardship

See our IMPACT through videos, photos, testimonials from youth, families, partners and funders, program outcome reports, and example of our evaluation data.

Evaluation Data

Evaluation is a critical component of our programming, planning, and organizational growth.  Solar Youth measures its programs with a combination of evaluation tools, including Pre/Post surveys, Portfolios (evidence and examples of youth community service and public education work), Youth Feedback Forms, Family Feedback Forms, and the recording of stories of our Stewards over time and continued connection with Solar Youth alumni. Feedback forms are based on best-practice evaluation tools developed by the Search Institute. Our pre/post survey, which measures ecological literacy, aligns with Connecticut State standards for science learning. Results from youth and family feedback forms, as well as pre-post surveys, are documented in Program Outcome Reports, available on our website.

Recent Evaluation Outcomes:

Youth, including interns, showed a demonstrated increase in environmental knowledge and commitment to environmental stewardship

Because of Solar Youth…

Environmental Outcomes % YOUTH AGREED % PARENTS AGREED
My knowledge about the environment improved 89% N/A
I can and should help solve problems in my environment and community 90% N/A
I would recommend Solar Youth to my friends/other parents 97% 99%
I would like to (see my child) attend Solar Youth next season 91% 97%

Interns showed demonstrated development of employability skills, such as timeliness, public speaking, personal financial management, work ethic and a commitment to excellence

Employability Skills Outcomes

"After being an intern in Solar Youth..." % of Interns who agreed
…I feel that my punctuality has improved. 81%
…my work ethic has improved. 88%

Long Term Outcomes

“My overall experience with Solar Youth, both this season and in the past, has… % of Interns who agreed
…prepared me for future employment. 88%
…encouraged me to continue my education. 89%
…motivated me to seek opportunities to help my community. 84%

Solar Youth Interns showed a demonstrated increase in understanding of best principles and practices of youth development (youth programs)

Youth Educator Skills Outcomes

“Participation in Solar Youth…” % of Interns who agreed
Prepared me to use a lesson plan to deliver lessons through experiential education. 94%
Prepared me to practice positive behavior management. 94%
Helped me to develop skills as a group facilitator. 94%

Employability Skills Outcomes

“After being an intern at Solar Youth…” % of Interns who agreed
I feel that my timeliness has improved. 85%
My preparation skills have improved. 94%
Helped me to develop a more positive sense of self. 91%

Our Impact Since 2000

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Green Jobs - Westville Manor Spring 2017

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