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Solar Youth Green Jobs Intern Application Form: Summer 2019

Solar Youth Internship Program
Summer Program Reference Form Return to: Michael Sellers
Email: Mail: 53 Wayfarer Street, New Haven, CT 06515 or Fax: 203-859-5312
Please submit by Friday, June 21, 2019

First Name *
Last Name *
Reference Information
First Name *
Last Name *
Phone (Required)
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1. In what capacity have you known this applicant?

For how long?

How well do you feel you know him/her?

For questions 2-5, please circle the most appropriate rating, with 1=lowest, 5=highest, NA=not able to assess

2. How well does the applicant accept responsibility?
3. How well does the applicant work with diverse groups?
4. Does the applicant have good oral communication skills?
5. Does the applicant demonstrate patience in difficult situations?

6. Please describe what you consider to be the applicant’s major strong points and limitations.

7. Please use this space to include anything else about the applicant that my help in determining her/his
qualifications (i.e. leadership abilities)

May we contact you if we need additional information on the applicant?

Thank you very much for your input!

If you have any questions please contact Michael or Nicole

Michael Sellers * 53 Wayfarer Street * New Haven, CT 06515 * (203) 387-4189

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