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Our Impact


See our IMPACT through videos, photos, testimonials from youth, families, partners and funders, program outcome reports, and example of our evaluation data.

In Their Words...

From Our Youth

  • "I don't know where I'd be without Solar Youth, seriously. I've met so many amazing people, friends and educators through Solar Youth. I really don't know where I'd be or how I'd get through high school.”
    -SY Steward

  • “Solar Youth is like family, it helped me maintain how to get jobs and money, how to show up on time and everything, and Solar Youth gives me a lot of opportunities to mess up that other jobs wouldn’t and to appreciate nature and the kids.”
    - Solar Youth Alumni

  • “I have learned that there are a lot of environmental problems with our generation and I would like to help the future generation make the world a better place.”

  • “The most important thing that I learned during this internship is that no matter how hard things get you shouldn’t give up because whatever you’re going through you don’t have to do it all alone.”
    -Youth Educator Intern

  • “South Youth has prepared me to lead in the future”
    -Solar Youth Steward

From Our Parents

  • “Because of being in program at Solar Youth, my child has learned how to get along better with other kids now. In the community he makes sure he picks up around the ground and puts stuff in the trash. I hope Solar Youth stays around a lot more for these kids.”
    –Maria Langston

  • “Just want to thank Solar Youth for taking and spending time with our children in our community. Giving them something positive to do and teaching them how to save the planet and respect themselves. Love you guys for that--thanks a million!”
    -Sherita Tucker

  • “My children benefited greatly by being a part of the program because it helped them to learn about their environment, they felt like more a "part of the community" because of Solar Youth. They were also very exposed to Nature through the field trips. All of them talk about cleaning up their community and how we can help the animals in the habitat. Since they joined SY, all of them are more confident in their new community, more knowledgeable about their environment and happy about being leaders.”
    –Solar Youth Parent

Our Impact Since 2000

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Green Jobs - Westville Manor Spring 2017

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