What we do

Solar Youth =
youth empowerment through
environmental exploration,
community service  AND

In our programs, youth build core internal and external Developmental Assets that prepare them for life while they serve as agents of positive change in their communities. 

Through youth-led projects, they build a lifelong commitment to citizenship as they improve the environmental health of their communities.

But we don’t just work with youth for one season, or even one year.  

Our vision is to stay connected to our youth, who we call “Stewards,” from childhood through early adulthood.  Solar Youth becomes an embedded part of their lives - a positive, consistent, loving place that helps them build the assets needed for a healthy, happy and contributing adulthood.

We transform the lives of youth and their environments though:

(1) The Cycle of Stewardship - a diverse menu of programs where youth build on their experiences, maintain relationships, and progressively gain more leadership skills

(2) Kids Explore! Kids Do! Kids Teach! - a unique program model for urban environmental education and youth development

Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Solar Youth offers neighborhood-based, school-based and citywide programs for youth of all ages. We target the lowest income neighborhoods of New Haven, where there is the greatest need for positive supports and youth development programs.

Our programs take place during school, after school, on weekends and holidays, and throughout the summer. 

See HERE for an overview of Solar Youth and our programs