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November 5th, 2018

Our Partnership with the Post Traumatic Stress Center of New Haven

The Miss Kendra program enjoying a beautiful day in Westville Manor

Partnerships are KEY to the Solar Youth model of youth empowerment, and we want to celebrate one of our most generous partners - the Post Traumatic Stress Center of New Haven.

Solar Youth provides opportunities for youth from New Haven’s high poverty neighborhoods to be positive agents of change in their communities, and build the skills needed for lifelong success. But to be effective in helping create tomorrow’s leaders, we must address the real life challenges youth face … including providing support with trauma.

Most of the youth in our programs experience trauma in their lives. It is a challenge for interns and educators alike to approach trauma in a meaningful and healthy way when signs of trauma are exhibited.

Solar Youth leverages partnerships for many reasons, and being educated in trauma informed care is a topic we take seriously. We are fortunate to have a partnership with New Haven’s Post Traumatic Stress Center who hosts trainings for staff and provides continuing support throughout a program season.

Solar Youth educators meet with clinician Erinn Webb, of the Center’s ALIVE program, twice a month. This space is used to talk about possible signs of trauma we observe  and how to take steps to problem solve challenges. It is important for Solar Youth staff to have someone to talk to who understands the stress of working with trauma affected youth and will empathically listen and offer advice.

Clinician Erinn Webb in costume for a session of the Miss Kendra program in Westville Manor

Erinn also hosts trainings with our high school Youth Educator Interns to prepare them for working with the younger kids in our programs. Interns are trained to recognize signs of trauma and how to take steps to mitigate problems that may arise. This helps Interns build listening and empathy skills which are key to maintaining positive relationships as well as strengthening resiliency skills in recognizing trauma in their own lives.

We are also thankful for the Miss Kendra Program the Post Traumatic Stress Center hosts in the summer in our central host neighborhood, Westville Manor. The trauma informed programming offered throughout the summer gives youth a space to express their worries and receive acknowledgement and support.

Everything the Post Traumatic Stress Center partners on with us improves our youth programs and the impact we have on families’ lives. We value every opportunity to work with them! Our close collaboration lifts both programs to deliver more comprehensive services that New Haven’s youth need to achieve lifelong success.

THANK YOU Post Traumatic Stress Center!!!

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